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It takes just a few minutes of your time to help see more Democrats on your ballot for state and federal offices this year. Candidates must collect signatures by April 6 from registered Democrats in their district to get on the ballot in the Primary election. Some Democrats running in Pinal County need many more signatures to qualify. They need your help.

It's easy to sign several petitions in a few minutes using a website set up the the Arizona Secretary of State. Find your driver's license (or voter identification card) and head to Click "Sign a Candidate Nominating Petition". You'll need to provide some information to show you are qualified to sign. Enter it and click "Submit". You'll be asked to verify your address. If you haven't moved, click "Yes".


You'll see a list of Democratic candidates who want to appear on your ballot in the primary election and whose petitions you can sign. The site tells you how many you can choose for each office, for example, one candidate for State Senator from your district. You will not see candidates from other districts. It’s quick and it’s easy.

Click a candidate's name and you will see their petition. The language is the same as a paper petition. Enter your email address twice and click "Yes, I want to sign this petition." You can choose whether you want to provide your email address to the candidate or not. When you sign the petition, the candidate will be able to see the same information you provide if you sign a paper form: your name, your address, and the date you signed.

It's easy to sign half a dozen petitions in a few minutes, helping the candidates get on your ballot for the primary election, Aug. 4, and if they win that, the general election, Nov. 3. They can't win if they don't appear. And they may not appear without your help. Please take a few minutes today to help!

Note: If you've already done this and there were some empty slots, remember to check back before April 6 to see if more candidates are trying to qualify for your district.

Will you help Democrats get on the ballot?