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Community of People


We strongly believe in the principles of Responsibility, Justice, and Community. We care about all individuals, we care about opportunities for people and business alike, we care about leaving our state and our world a better place for those generations who will follow. We will protect the rights and security of all.




We are stewards of the environmental, economic, and human resources entrusted to us and will remain vigilant in protecting our resources to benefit current and future generations
Integrity, competence, and transparency are crucial to democratic government and governance. As voters, we must elect qualified officials who will ethically serve all the people all the time.




We Believe 
  • there should be balance between one person’s freedoms and another’s rights.
  • that laws apply to all equally and without discrimination, which is the essence of the rule of law.
  • that enforcement of equal protection under the law is an indisputable right, and support prosecution of illegal acts.
  • that the right to privacy is indisputable that equal opportunity in business, employment, education, and housing must exist for all.


We condemn intolerance and unfairness in our personal and professional lives.





Peace and security are the highest ideals we can support and protect, and that includes within one’s own home. We promote a society that puts the health, safety and prosperity of its citizens first; and one that promotes excellence in education, choices in quality health care and a healthy environment for all Arizona citizens.We support growing our economy for the betterment of individuals, families, and businesses.

We support the right of workers to a safe and secure workplace and to be compensated with a fair, living wage.


 from the 2008 Arizona Democratic Party Platform 

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