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These are the  documents produced by the Pinal Democrats.  Together, these documents define the rules, objectives and values of the Pinal County Democratic Party.
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This document contains the rules for how the Party conducts business.


Resolutions are passed at PCD meetings. They state the PCD's position on current events and issues.

Resolution Submission Guidelines
  • All resolutions must be typed.
  • Twenty copies of each resolution must be provided to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee at least seven days in advance of the meeting at which it is to be considered.
  • Whereas clauses must be limited to three or less and resolved clauses to two or less.
  • All resolutions must contain an “action clause” indicating the action requested.
  • Resolutions must be no longer than one side of one (1) typewritten page. (8-1/2″ x 11″).
  • Except as otherwise provided below, a resolution must first be presented to the Resolutions Committee.
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These documents are the official minutes of the Pinal County Democratic Party.
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