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Kirkpatrick on Voting System in AZ


For Immediate Release: April 21, 2016

Kirkpatrick calls for fixes to Arizona’s voting system, while McCain fails to act on voter disenfranchisement

Kirkpatrick stands up for Arizona voters in new bilingual ads
Thousands of Arizonans faced five-hour lines, voting problems across Maricopa County

TEMPE – The Kirkpatrick for Senate campaign unveiled new bilingual ads today highlighting Ann Kirkpatrick’s efforts to hold Arizona election officials accountable for the debacle thousands of voters encountered during the state’s Presidential Preference Election last month.

The ads also take John McCain to task for failing to take any action after reports of five-hour lines for the voting booth, unprepared voting centers, and other significant issues across Arizona’s most populous county.

"Arizonans are outraged. And they should be. Folks were forced to wait for up to five hours or couldn’t cast a vote because they couldn’t afford to stand in line that long. Some were turned away altogether,” said Ann Kirkpatrick. “Public officials should be speaking out and taking action. Turning a blind eye to this gross negligence and voter disenfranchisement is wrong, and John McCain’s inaction on this issue speaks volumes. It’s just another example of how he has changed after 33 years in Washington.”

Kirkpatrick has signed onto a lawsuit with Arizona voters, former Navajo Nation President Dr. Peterson Zah, the Arizona Democratic Party, and other groups demanding state and county election officials submit plans that ensure every eligible citizen can exercise their constitutional right to vote in elections later this year.


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