Arizona governor criticizes Utah’s guest-worker law
Tue, Jul 19, 2011Immigration
The Salt Lake Tribune Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer defended that state’s tough immigration law Saturday, saying she thinks it is preferable to the course that Utah took and insisting the state has not suffered an economic backlash from its passage.

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New poll finds Utahns back guest worker program; don't want GOP delegates to call for repeal
Sat, Jun 18, 2011Immigration
Deseret NewsBy Lisa Riley Roche SALT LAKE CITY — A majority of Utahns support the state's guest-worker program for undocumented immigrants — and most don't want delegates to Saturday's state GOP convention to call for its repeal.

Tags: Utah, Guest worker program, Undocumented immigrants, Republicans

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The Utah Compact
Sun, Dec 5, 2010Immigration
New York TimesEditorialNot all the political news this year involves the rise of partisan extremism and government by rage. There has been lots of that. But maybe there is a limit, a point when people of good sense and good will band together to say no. As they have just Read More

Tags: Arizona, Utah, U.S. Immigration policy

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Utah's grass-roots effort a model Ariz. can follow
Sun, Feb 7, 2010Economy
Arizona RepublicBy Casey NewtonWhen Arizonans look at their elected leaders, they see people with priorities far different from their own.Residents say they care deeply about the state's natural beauty, but budget cuts by lawmakers will force two-thirds of state parks to close.Residents want a diverse economy, yet the state continues Read More

Tags: Utah, Arizona, Growth, Housing Industry

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