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Dems sweeten health-care bill

Fri, Mar 19, 2010


Arizona RepublicBy David EspoWASHINGTON - With historic health-care change in the balance, Democrats plowed fresh billions into insurance subsidies for consumers on Thursday and added a $250 rebate for seniors facing high prescription-drug costs, last-minute sweeteners to sweeping $940 billion legislation headed for a climactic weekend vote.President Barack Obama scuttled

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Tags: Health care reform, Seniors, Students, Democrats, Barack Obama

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Black-white disparity in achievement continues

Thu, Jul 16, 2009


Casa Grande DispatchBy Libby Quaid, AP Education Writer     WASHINGTON - Despite unprecedented efforts to improve minority achievement in the past decade, the gap between black and white students remains frustratingly wide, according to an Education Department report released Tuesday.There is good news in the report: Reading and math scores

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Tags: Minority students, Education Trust, National Assessment of Educational Progress.Black students

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