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Arizona's middle class: Poverty casts longer shadow

Mon, Jan 24, 2011


The Arizona Republicby Betty Beard Gas prices hover near $3. Medical costs are on the rise, and child care can be expensive. And there's always an emergency home repair that just wasn't in the budget.It's hard to climb back to a middle-class lifestyle after a tumble into joblessness and poverty, as

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Dying for affordable healthcare — the uninsured speak

Sun, Aug 23, 2009


GuardianBy Ed Pilkington, Kansas CityIn a week of claim and counter-claim about the merits of healthcare provision in the US and UK, Ed Pilkington travelled to Quindaro, Kansas, to see how the poorest surviveIn the furious debate gripping America over the future of its health system, one voice has been

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Tags: Health insurance reform, Doctors, Poverty, Kansas, Working poor

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