-Governor Brewer speaks at Curis business dinner
Thu, Aug 18, 2011Pinal County
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer spoke at a supporter dinner for the Florence Copper Project hosted by Curis Resources on Aug. 2, 2011, where she championed the economic development opportunities provided by the project. Over 70 local business owners joined Pinal County and Florence government leaders at the dinner to rally Read More

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-Arizona middle-class struggling, doing without health care
Sun, Jul 31, 2011Healthcare
Hard times and economic uncertainty not only hit the checking and savings accounts.They overwhelm the mind and harm the body.Dwindling job security, reduced home values and higher personal health costs have brought untold stress into many middle-class lives.

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Having A Job May Not Be Enough To Make Ends Meet
Sun, Apr 3, 2011Economy
Common Dreamsby Mark HuffmanThe nation's unemployment rate dipped slightly in March to 8.8 percent, as the economy added more than 200,000 jobs during the month.People rely on food banks, like the Community Food and Outreach Center in Orlando, Fla. But despite the improvement, a new report says millions of Americans Read More

Tags: Underemployment, Unemployment, United States, jobs

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Arizona manufacturing jobs still a path to middle class
Mon, Feb 28, 2011Economy
The Arizona Republicby Jahna Berry For decades, making things - whether bags of potato chips, weapons components or microprocessors - was a fail-safe path to the middle-class life in Arizona.The wages were good. The factory jobs were steady.But over the past decade, the state has lost almost one-quarter of those jobs. Read More

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Gov. Jan Brewer touts bill to reduce business taxes, create jobs
Tue, Feb 15, 2011AZ Legislature
The Arizona Republicby Mary Jo Pitzl and Ginger Rough Gov. Jan Brewer and lawmakers unveiled a wide-ranging package of tax cuts and incentives on Monday that they believe will usher in a new era of economic prosperity.Using Arizona's 99th birthday as a platform, they said a special legislative session this Read More

Tags: Arizona, Tax cuts, Jobs

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Phoenix-area housing recovery pushed back again as jobs lag, foreclosures mount
Sat, Jan 29, 2011Economy
The Arizona RepublicBy Catherine ReagorMetro Phoenix home values won't recover to pre-boom levels until 2015, according to industry experts.The latest forecasts for the housing market's recovery have been pushed out by another year because of slower-than-expected job and population growth and a bigger glut of home foreclosures than anyone expected. Read More

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The Great Jobs Depression Worsens, and the Choice Ahead Grows Starker
Sun, Sep 5, 2010Economy
robertreich.orgBy Robert ReichThe Great Jobs Depression continues to worsen.The Labor Department reports this morning that companies created ony 67,000 new jobs in August. That’s down from the 107,000 they created in July. And because the government laid off temporary Census workers, the economy as a whole lost 54,000 jobs.To put Read More

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House members scurry back to pass jobs bill
Mon, Aug 9, 2010Economy
Yahoo NewsBy Jim Abrams, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – House members are giving up a couple of days reconnecting with folks in their districts this week to pass a jobs bill that Democrats say is crucial to the nation's well-being.The unusual in-and-out session was called because the Senate waited until last Read More

Tags: U.S. House of Representatives, Jobs bill, Teachers

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Jobs for the Picking
Sun, Jul 18, 2010Immigration
New York TimesEditorialThe United Farm Workers union has issued a call to unemployed American citizens:“Job may include using hand tools such as knives, hoes, shovels, etc. Duties may include tilling the soil, transplanting, weeding, thinning, picking, cutting, sorting & packing of harvested produce. May set up & operate irrigation equip. Read More

Tags: Illegal immigration, jobs, United Farm Workers

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Arizona immigration law opens farm jobs to unemployed
Fri, Jul 16, 2010Immigration
Arizona RepublicBy Jahna Berry and Michael KieferFor years, both sides of the immigration issue have debated whether immigrants take jobs that Americans won't.Now, high unemployment and a tough new Arizona immigration law will test that idea in a $9 billion industry: Arizona agriculture.Arizona needs about 50,000 temporary workers to harvest Read More

Tags: Agricultural jobs, Immigrant labor, Unemployed, Yuma

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