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Bipartisanship elusive in redistricting process
Thu, Mar 5, 2015Redistricting
The common wisdom has it that elections are all about fielding the best candidates and letting the voters decide. But if recent legal developments are any indication, it’s who draws the district maps that matter just as much. This week the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case involving Arizona’s independent redistricting commission. Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Independent Redistricting Commission

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Bill to repeal Common Core passes House committee
Tue, Feb 17, 2015AZ Legislature
The House Education Committee passed a bill Wednesday to repeal the Common Core academic standards being taught in Arizona. HB 2190, which passed 5-2, would revert to the standards that were in place before Common Core was adopted in 2010. The bill still must make its way through the Legislature.

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Education, Common Core

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Arizona Legislator Wants To Outlaw Federal Gun Laws Azcentralcom
Sat, Feb 14, 2015AZ Legislature
It appears the Arizona Legislature may be preparing to go to war with the federal government. Again, that is.The Senate Federalism, Mandates and Fiscal Responsibility Committee will hear a bill at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to outlaw enforcement of federal gun laws in Arizona. Specifically, it would declare "invalid and void" any gun Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Republican Caucus

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GOP pushing bill to give sheriffs power over feds
Wed, Feb 11, 2015AZ Legislature
PHOENIX –– Declaring state law to be above all others, a Senate panel voted Tuesday to both block federal gun laws they believe violate the Second Amendment and punish the city of Tucson for enacting its own restrictions. They also agreed to bar state and local governments from helping any Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Republican Caucus

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State Legislature: House GOP votes to close caucuses to media House GOP votes to close caucuses to m
Sat, Jan 31, 2015AZ Legislature
PHOENIX –– Saying they sometimes need some privacy, House Republicans voted Tuesday to let themselves – and Democrats if they want – have closed-door discussions about pending issues.

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Closed Caucuses

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Arizona's Democratic Lawmakers Going After "Dark Money"
Tue, Jan 27, 2015AZ Legislature
Democrats in the Arizona House and Senate have unveiled a package of bills aimed at regulating so-called "dark money."Arizona's been a hot-spot for the "dark money" issue, which involves organizations being able to dump millions of dollars into elections without having to reveal their donors -- so much so that Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Dark Money Bills

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Republican Legislators want to "wheel and deal"in private
Fri, Jan 23, 2015AZ Legislature
PHOENIX (AP) — Majority Republicans in the Arizona House are discussing whether to close some of their caucuses to lobbyists, reporters and other members of the public so lawmakers can discuss legislation and budget proposals in private.House Republican leaders were rounding up votes for a rule change to allow caucuses Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Republican Caucus

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State may face $414M deficit next fiscal year
Fri, Jan 23, 2015AZ Legislature
PHOENIX — A House panel approved tax relief Thursday for some individuals as state economists were telling lawmakers that Arizona is not collecting enough to balance the budget this coming year, next year or the year after that.HB 2001 requires the Department of Revenue to annually adjust tax brackets to Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Budget

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Democrat Bolding introduces Body Camera Bill In State Legislature
Wed, Jan 21, 2015AZ Legislature
A new bill in the state legislature requires body cameras for all Arizona police officers. Democrat Reginald Bolding introduced the bill today. He also introduced a bill requiring an independent investigation into deadly policeinvolved ...Arizona Legislature likely to see several bills prompted by police shootingsThe TribunePolice Keep Arizona officers39 IDs Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Police Body Camera bill

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Why The Supreme Court Should Reject The Arizona Legislature's Challengeto the Arizona IRC
Sun, Jan 18, 2015Redistricting
One of the important Supreme Court cases currently being briefed (with oral argument set for March), Arizona Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, involves the question whether the U.S. Constitution and congressional statutes permit the people of a state to implement an initiative creating an independent redistricting commission (IRC)—i.e., one Read More

Tags: Arizona, Arizona Legislature, Redistricting, Law suit

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