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Arizona swings away from Democrats
Tue, Dec 21, 2010Election 2010
POLITICO.COMNot so long ago, Arizona was on its way to becoming a swing state. Now that seems like a distant memory.On the eve of the 2008 presidential election, ebullient Democrats were convinced that the state would have been in play if it weren't home to Republican nominee Sen. John McCain. Read More

Tags: Arizona, Democrats, John McCain, Kirsten Sinema

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Arizona recount: Prop 112 defeated by 194 votes
Tue, Dec 21, 2010Election 2010
Arizona RepublicBy Michelle Ye Hee LeeFinal recount results on Monday confirmed the defeat of Proposition 112, which would have shortened the amount of time to file citizens-initiative petitions before the general election by two months.

Tags: Proposition 112, Citizens Initiative petitions, Arizona

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Elderly, rich and White voters gave GOP big win
Tue, Nov 23, 2010Election 2010
Arizona RepublicBy Steven Thomma and William Douglas - McClatchy NewspapersWASHINGTON - The 2010 elections turned into a rout of the Democrats because the elderly and wealthy surged to the polls to help sweep the Republicans back into power, and the balance of women's votes shifted to the GOP as well, Read More

Tags: Republicans, Elderly, White, Democrats

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Arizona voters have approved Proposition 203, which legalizes marijuana for medical use
Mon, Nov 15, 2010Election 2010
Arizona RepublicBy Michelle Ye Hee Lee Arizona voters have approved Proposition 203, which legalizes marijuana for medical use.The secretary of state's unofficial results indicate that the "yes" vote on the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act has won by a narrow margin of 4,341 votes, or 50.13 percent of more than 1.67 million Read More

Tags: Medical Marijuana Act, Proposition 203, Arizona

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Pollster: Arizona voters mirror U.S. trends
Sun, Nov 7, 2010Election 2010
Arizona RepublicBy Dianna M. Náñez Valley pollster Michael O'Neil said Arizonans mirrored most national trends in voter sentiment but were more deeply concerned about illegal immigration.They also showed their distrust of politicians by refusing to allow the Legislature to raid funding for early-childhood education and health and land-conservation programs.On Tuesday, Read More

Tags: Republicans, Barack Obama, Health care reform, Illegal Immigration

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District 23: Rios: 2 years to regroup, retry at State Senate, run for U.S. House possible
Sat, Nov 6, 2010Election 2010
Maricopa MonitorBy Brett FeraRebecca Rios isn’t taking Tuesday’s defeat personally.If anything, it’s motivating.For the first time in 29 years, a Rios won’t be serving in the state Senate after the democratic senate minority leader’s defeat Tuesday to republican Steve Smith of Maricopa. Her father, Pete, was first elected to the Read More

Tags: Rebecca Rios, LD 23, Pinal County

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District 23: Results stun local parties
Sat, Nov 6, 2010Election 2010
Maricopa MonitorBy Melissa St. AudeDespite big legislative wins in Tuesday’s elections, Pinal County Republicans say they are not taking anything for granted.“We have hard work ahead of us,” said Marty Hermanson, chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee.Republicans on Tuesday easily won all three legislative seats in District 23 — Read More

Tags: Pinal County, Joe Robision, Rebecca Rios, LD 23

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Gabrielle Giffords wins re-election in Arizona
Sat, Nov 6, 2010Election 2010
Arizona RepublicAssociated PressRep. Gabrielle Giffords fought off a strong challenge from Republican Jesse Kelly to win re-election to a third term representing Arizona's 8th Congressional District.Giffords' margin of victory was just over 1 percent. She was more than 3,800 votes ahead Friday evening, enough for The Associated Press to declare Read More

Tags: Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona, 8th Congressional District

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Pinal County sees red for 2010 elections
Thu, Nov 4, 2010Election 2010
Eloy EnterpriseBy Larry LockhartDispatch News EditorThe Republican landslide Tuesday extended to Pinal County, once a Democratic stronghold where the GOP had trouble even fielding candidates to run for county offices.But with voters taking out their frustration over the economy on incumbents in general and Democrats in particular, Pinal County tipped Read More

Tags: Pinal County, Democrats, Republicans, Economy, LD 23

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Grijalva declares victory; votes still left to be counted
Thu, Nov 4, 2010Election 2010
Arizona Capitol TimesBy The Associated PressDemocratic Rep. Raul Grijalva had a lead of nearly 3 percentage points the day after the election, and he declared victory in Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.

Tags: Raul Grijalva, Congressional District 7

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