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County supervisors consult attorney about blocking expansion to 5 members

Sun, Sep 13, 2009

Pinal County

Florence Reminder
By Alan Levine, Staff Writer

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors met in closed session last week to discuss a new state law requiring board expansion, talking with a Maryland attorney hired to challenge the law over voting rights issues.

The executive session Sept. 2 also was attended by County Manager Terry Doolittle, County Attorney James Walsh and Chief Civil Deputy Attorney Chris Roll. The telephonic conference call was with Bruce Adelson, hired by the supervisors on July 29 to object to the “preclearance” of the five-supervisor bill with the U.S. Justice Department.

Executive sessions are allowed for legal consultations, and neither the public nor the press was privy to what was discussed. Adelson’s proposed scope of services, made public earlier, including objecting to the bill, with one of his strategies being to “meet and communicate with U.S. Department of Justice officials concerning Pinal County’s objection to preclearance of House Bill 2101.”

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