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David Coward



David has been involved with politics since working in the phone bank for the Mc Govern campaign. He moved to Arizona in 2005 from the blue side of Washington State. He has been active in Pinal County Democratic politics since moving here and has been campaign treasurer for five candidates over the past several election cycles. David is an elected Precinct Committee person and head of the Northern Pinal County Democrats. He has a BS Ed and an MBA. He worked the majority of his working life in the aerospace industry. 

Favorite thought - "Politics is not a spectator sport."

Contact Dave:  
Phone:  480-678-1756
email:  dbcoward@gmail.com




I was born and raised in Southern California to a working class family. Our family moved to Arizona in 1972 due to my father’s health, since he didn’t have health insurance and he couldn’t obtain insurance due to having had a heart attack. I became the first in our family to go to college and attended ASU.

I understand the hardships that families and seniors are having to endure today with under-employment, unemployment, the high cost of college tuition, crushing student loans and stagnant incomes. Helping people in financial distress has been my passion for over 10 years and I regularly teach financial workshops in the Phoenix area.

Dennis and I moved to Flagstaff in 2004 when he retired and relocated to Maricopa in 2009. I enjoy cooking and gardening and became a Pinal County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener in 2011.

Contact Carol:
Phone: 480-528-4278 
email: carolbedfordhowerton@gmail.com


 Dennis Howerton


I was born in La Mesa, California and spent the first 55 years of my life in East San Diego, National City, and Scripps Ranch. When I retired, Carol and I moved to Arizona, living 5 years in Flagstaff and residing in Maricopa since 2009.

My lifelong commitment to public service: 25 years serving the people of San Diego, retiring as Code Enforcement Supervisor, overseeing six POST certified field officers in the investigation of violations of the San Diego Municipal Code and the California Penal Code, issuing citations, and preparing cases for prosecution. Case preparation includes gathering and securing evidence, conducting interviews, obtaining documentation, taking photos, and researching the law as to how it applies to each specific violation.

In San Diego and Flagstaff, I served on the Board of Directors of several HOA's as President and Vice-President

Serving on the Board of Directors of my Union gave me the opportunity and privilege of being an advocate for workers rights that included service on picket lines defending my brothers and sisters of the labor movement in their fight for fair wages and a workplace free of discrimination.

With the support of my Union, I have taken many courageous stands against government corruption, favoritism, and misappropriation of funds. Two grand Juries confirmed and expanded on the findings of my investigative reports with extensive changes in procedures and personnel. As a result of the first report, I was part of a six member taskforce that revised the San Diego Municipal Code to make it more effective in prosecutions. The 2nd Grand Jury dealt with my report of favoritism, misappropriation of funds, and falsification of government documents by the City Attorney and members of his staff. I assisted in a year and a half criminal investigation of the prior city prosecutor conducted by the California Attorney General's office. In all of this, I placed ethics and integrity above job security.

In San Diego and Flagstaff, I served on the Board of Directors of several HOA's as President and Vice-President

In Arizona, I have spoken out against the corruption within the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office under Joe Arpaio and against the corrupt practices and policies of the Pinal County Sheriffs Office under Paul Babeu. In 2012, I was Campaign Manager for John Rowan in his run for Sheriff of Maricopa County. In 2014, I ran for Constable of the Maricopa-Stanfield Justice Court of Pinal County receiving 40% of the vote.

Contact Dennis:
Email:  givemeliberty.howerton@gmail.com


 Constance jackson


A native of Great Falls Montana, I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I lived in Baltimore Maryland, where I raised four children. I’m the proud grandmother of seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The joy in my life is spending time with my children and grand’s. I enjoy sports, the great outdoors, traveling, and bowling.

I worked for an international company, Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Systems for thirty one and half years. I held several positions; one was production coordinator for several years before I became a planner. I took verity of classes (Microbiology) and did training for employees. I also was appointed to different committees.
After retiring I became an Independent Product Consultant for a company in Utah. (I still do the business off and on). I came to Phoenix on business trip in 2007, and fell in love with Arizona. I came back for a visit and decided to step out and moved here January of 2008.
I was raised in a family that was, very much aware of social issues. I have a very interesting family background that drives me to be the person I’m today. This is the reason I’m so passionate and interested in the political process. 
Being around like minded people and being positive is the way I live my life.
I am currently a State Committeeperson, a member of the National Democratic Party, the African American Democratic Caucus, the Copa City Dems, and NAACP.

Contact Constance:
Phone:  909-437-8915
email:   jcksnconniejean@aol.com



Contact Debbie: 
email: userdebbie83@aol.com  



Contact :




Email:  beanohana@gmail.com